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VictorWealth is a leading global asset manager committed to delivering long term results through authentic active management, as we have for more than 12 years, by offering investment solutions that emphasize differentiated, high-quality Equity and Fixed Income investments.

 VictorWealth operates with investment independence from San Francisco Office. Our active approach combines the market knowledge of long-tenured portfolio manager with the original research of a specialized group of sector and portfolio analysts and the deep diligence of a dedicated risk management team.

The VictorWealth Growth Suite of actively managed portfolios varies significantly from common market indexes, providing the opportunity for long-term outperformance across market cycles.


About Our Founder

Victor Bekhet, Founder of VictorWealth


Victor’s sixteen years of experience in the financial sector has made him an articulate international business professional with a solid education and financial management experience, including negotiation, analytical analysis, forecasting, and valuation.

As an investment advisor at Merrill Lynch and subsequently JPMorgan Chase, he effectively sought opportunities to assess enterprise risk management with regulations at multiple levels and ultimately managed high profile portfolios helping clients mitigate exposure to market risk.

In 2012 Victor took his investment experience and founded Shenouda Capital Management (VictorWealth). His strength and expertise lie in ESG Investing strategies (environmental, social and governance investing). These strategies enable investors to reap the benefits of responsible, sustainable business, promote positive change through company engagement, and raise awareness of ESG issues. VictorWealth is dedicated to helping clients, employees, shareholders, and communities achieve financial security, economic mobility, and financial freedom.

Victor is an engaging presenter and skilled written communicator. He believes to achieve results they have to be performed with maximum impact and minimal cost. It is his goal to create winning investment strategies for his clients.

Victor earned his MBA in Finance from California State University-Hayward. Community is vital to Victor as he served as a member of the Board of Directors of Hosteling International USA Gold Gate Council for Eight years. HI USA believes in the power of travel to foster a deeper understanding of people, places, and the world around.

Mr. Bekhet chaired the Audit and Finance Committee of Placer County Grand Jury in 2017-2018. He is also a member of the California Association of Grand Jurors.

Our flagship portfolio:

VictorWealth Large Cap Growth ESG Portfolio, link to chart

This commitment to enduring excellence extends beyond investment performance, informing all aspects of our relationships both inside and outside the firm.


our singular mission is to elevate the certainty of outcomes we deliver to investors through a deeper understanding of investment and human dynamics.

By devoting our efforts to this mission, we strive to give investors the confidence to stay invested, avoid emotional decisions, and participate in the long-term benefits of the market to achieve their goals